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Phew! So much has happened since we last posted!  Here’s a recap and some important information about our t-shirts.

The biggest news is that we moved the business into a commercial center. It had completely taken over my house, and it was time to move on.  The new space is working out so well!

At the end of October we participated in a pet expo in Pittsburgh, PA.  We had a lot of fun setting up our booth and talking to attendees. This was the first large show we did and it was an amazing learning experience!



The holiday season brought a little bit of a break from work as we spent time with family, friends (and pets of course)!

Hazel even got all dressed up for the occasion…and then promptly fell asleep.


January saw us right back on track with work!  Lots to do to get the New Year started with a bang!  One of the big things we’ve been working on is setting up our new studio space.  I am overflowing with ideas for this space, and I’m looking forward to continuing to put it all together.  And making the space as efficient for the business as possible.




February brought another pet expo, this one in Edison, NJ. What a great time we had!  We even got to meet a few previous customers, who ordered online and then came to say hello.  That was the absolute best part of the whole show! ♥


And a cute picture of Noah, just because…


One thing I want to update you on is the t-shirts on our website.  As many of you probably don’t know, American Apparel was acquired by Gildan. During their transitional phase, some AA products won’t be available.  I’m not certain if they will be back in the exact same styles and colors, or if they will completely change.

While the changes are going on we are replacing some of the out of stock items with comparable products.  So what the heck does this mean for you?  We have these items printed on a made to order basis. If you order a tee in the near future, instead of an AA tee you may get a Bella and Canvas tee or Gildan. Rest assured the quality will be the same.  If you have any questions about this please contact me through the website any time!

I’ll leave you with a pic of Hazel for her big day.  Tonight she will be getting a special doggie cake because it’s her birthday! Happy 2 years to my sweet girl!


Till next time!



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See all the details at http://www.instagram.com/hellohazelco

Happy October! 

Michelle 🍂🍁

Can Your Dog Tell Time?

It’s back to school time!  And that means your precious pooch is losing his daytime playmates once again. Our Hazel watches the kids get on the bus through our front window, and always seems to know when they are getting home from school. Not long before they step off the bus she starts pacing around, staring at the front door, staring out the same window. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the kids are back home where they belong (according to Hazel because she hates when any of her people leave).

I found some fun info to explain this phenomenon, although nothing I’ve read seems to be definitive.

Here’s a video where they did an experiment to test the theory that dogs can tell time based on smell:

Most of the information I’ve found talks about episodic memory, which is what humans experience.  A study conducted by Dr. Thomas Zentall of the University of Kentucky argues that dogs have their own form of episodic memory, although not a carbon copy of the human verstion. Here’s an excerpt from his page.

“My research interests focus on cognitive behaviors in animals including memory strategies, concept learning, and social learning. The approach my students and I use is to define a cognitive behavior that is characteristic of humans in a way that clearly distinguishes it from simple associative (SR) learning and then to examine the conditions under which it can be found in animals. This approach not only examines the relatively unexplored repertoire of animal behavior that has been thought to distinguish humans from other animals, but it also develops relatively simple training techniques that may be useful in training developmentally delayed and learning disabled humans to use concepts and strategies.”


A 2010 study worked on the theory that dogs can recognize the amount of time that has passed. The end result was that the dogs were more reactive when their owners were gone for 2 hours versus 30 minutes.

Another concept to be explored is that dogs are just excellent at reading us. They follow our cues and based on our behavior, they are able to anticipate events. Like a mild version of a doggie psychic. This means they pick up on our routine, and in essence, time.

Our dog Hazel somehow knows the difference between me getting my shoes on to leave the house and just stepping out to grab the mail. She doesn’t budge from her nap when I go toward the steps to get the laundry, but races after me when I’m instead headed down the steps and into the garage to my car.  How does she know? I really couldn’t say but something about my behavior before each event must register with her.

Laundry=All good.



Are you really leaving me Mom?


Does your dog “tell time?” I’d love to hear about it!


Come say Hello!






Featured pic: The Dog Dish
More dogs looking out windows.

How To Go Insane In 10 Simple Steps 


Ever want to lose your mind? Go a little crazy for no good reason?  I can help with that. Here are 10 easy steps to accomplish your lunatic life goals.


1. Get a cat.

2. Realize in the coming months the cat is crazy and out to destroy your home and everything you love.

3. Seventy five times a day say “no cat, down cat, stop that cat, don’t chew that cat, get out of there cat” …do this while frantically diving for the vase/iron/lamp/picture frame/plant/drink/laptop cord/tv cord said cat is about to knock over or chew. Replace 4 phone chargers, 2 laptop cords and Ethernet cable.

4. Spend time thinking about what the cat is thinking. Privately decide the cat is laughing at you.

5. Hear a loud banging noise and go to find the cat has knocked a box of 10 soda cans down the stairs and is peering at you from around the corner with a satisfied look on her face. Spend an hour cleaning soda off floor/carpet/walls/door while cat watches.

6. Wonder which would be better to have at that moment…2 year old triplets or this cat. Decide you want to trade cat for toddlers.

7. Say cliche things to the cat like “you’re lucky you’re so cute, you’re lucky I love you so much, you’re lucky I’m an animal person.”

8. Survive 10 months with this cat.

9. Realize the cat is beginning to calm down. She’s sleeping more! She’s ruining less things in the house! She’s no longer making you bleed because she’s big enough now to make the jump onto your lap without misjudging the height and hanging by her claws off your thigh. Praise yourself for making it this far and preventing the cat from burning the house down.

10. Get a second cat.



Yes. They are lucky they’re so cute.








Survival Guide For Working From Home

The 5 Things I’ve Learned The Hard Way

So let me guess, when people hear you work from home on your own business they say things like, “Oh I would LOVE to work at home, you’re so lucky, you get to stay in your pajamas all day, no commute, breaks to do chores…”

Yeah, noooot quite.  Okay, so the commute is amazing, but there are negatives too.  After working from home for my shop going on 4 years now, here are 5 things I have learned:


1. Sleep.  Go to bed at a reasonable time the night before. Yes, you have zero commute but you still have to be productive at a decent time in the morning. Watching Netflix till midnight will have you crashing by 10am.


2. Set your alarm. I’m up early with my kids during the school year but summer has proven to be tough.  If I don’t set an alarm to wake up, the potentially productive morning hours go by in a snap. This doesn’t mean you have to wake at 5am!  Find a time that works for you. For me, that time is around 7am. Not too bad right?!

Don’t forget to get dressed and brush your hair…no pajamas. You’ll be more productive, promise!


3. Be honest about your work habits.  This is so important I’m going to say it again, be honest with yourself about how YOU work. Trying to force habits on yourself is a recipe for disaster. Do you need to skip breakfast and take a break to eat it later?  Plan for that.  Do you need a morning walk or exercise to get motivated? Plan for that. Do you work better with a schedule or do you like to plan day by day depending on what needs to be accomplished? Plan for that.

This is something I learned the hard way and I’m still learning. I tried over and over to force a schedule on myself. Monday work 8-5, Tuesday work 8-4 and then post office run, etc. Then I tried to plan out every hour! From 8-10am I’ll do x,y,z orders, 10-12pm answer emails, etc.  And I set myself up for failure.every.time.

It’s just not how I work and is probably one of the reasons why I was miserable in any 9-5 job I had. Personally I cannot throw myself into creative mode at 8am. So, after many schedule failures I’ve realized the best time for me to do computer work is early, coffee at my side. And after that “warm up” I’m ready to start on my orders. Which brings me to…


4. Kids, Family, Pets, House. Also know as, distractions! Working in your home means there are too many to count. The dishes in the sink, appointments to be scheduled, kids’ activities…interruptions are many. So what can you do? Decide what you can delegate and ask for help with. If you have young children, is childcare an option? Can you ask a fellow parent to take your child home from baseball practice? Can your spouse help? Don’t be afraid to reach out. Your working schedule is just as important as the person who goes to an office every day.

My kids have gotten better about not asking for things when I’m working, but it’s been a long road. After all, mom why can’t you just drive me to my friend’s house, it’ll only take 10 minutes?!  This is a common occurrence. I’ve learned to say no. I don’t have to feel obligated to do things just because I’m physically at home. I’m working. Period.


5. Ending the day. Even if my workday doesn’t come to a close until 10pm (which is often but hey, I love what I do) I always straighten up my space before I quit. For me this is putting away fabric, folding up the ironing board, laying out the next day’s orders neatly and, most days sweeping the floor because I work with burlap. Sometimes I’m too tired and tempted to skip this step, but I always feel better the next day walking into a tidy space. Mentally, for me, I need organization.

What tips do you have for working from home?  I’d love to hear them!










We want to show YOU off!

Hello Friends!

We’ve added a new feature to our store for customer photos!  Because nothing makes us happier than seeing our products in action.   All you have to do is hashtag #hellohazelco on Instagram, or go to our website Hello Hazel Co.com and submit your photo.  That’s it and you can be Hello Hazel famous!

Come by and see our gallery. Also, our Awesome Collection will be available at midnight tonight.  It’s going to be epic! Quantities are limited so get yours right away.



Stay awesome!








How To Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th of July 

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 

My dog Hazel is terrified of fireworks. I would put $1,000,000 on the fact that most are. Okay, so I don’t have that amount of money but if I did I would make that bet!

More dogs go missing on this day than any other day of the year. 

Tips to keep your dog safe: 

⭐️ Make sure they have ID tags on 

⭐️ Remind guests to close the doors/gates behind them 

⭐️ Play music or leave the tv on during the fireworks 

⭐️ Give them a special treat for the fireworks such as a frozen Kong with peanut butter 

⭐️ Make sure they have a “safety zone” such as a crate or a dog bed in a corner

We hope you and your pets have a fun and safe holiday!